We’re a digital agency backed by a network of
independent contractors.

We’re a digital agency backed by a network of independent contractors.

Our mission is to provide best-in-class flexible work solutions to brands and workers through digital solutions rooted in quality, creativity and efficiency.

We specialize in solving problems. The brands that invest in their digital footprint are the ones that come out on top. Because the reality is, if you don’t show up for your customers, another company will.

Let's beat them to it, shall we?

Digital HQ is a team of industry experts in

social media.

search engine marketing.


email marketing.

lead generation.

content strategy.


digital media buying.





Your brand's
biggest fan.

meet the founder

I’m passionate about creating a space on the
 internet for brands to drive positive change for
their audience. Whether it’s providing
entertainment, education or inspiration, I
believe that brands have an obligation to their
customers to invest socially in the loyalty that
they seek from their buyers. And like any good
relationship, it’s a two way street.

That’s what I love about social. I mean,
when’s  the last time a billboard responded to
your question?

"Digital HQ has provided the tips and tools to help streamline an area that is usually very unorganized and chaotic for me.

Their experience is impressive and they've provided a strategy and approach that has been invaluable to growing my business. If you're looking for high level coaching and strategy in your business then you need to reach out to Social HQ."

Louise Hipperson
The Finance Agency


Completely engaged and on top of all the trends with an understanding of the digital space like no other. Available at the drop of a dime, they never waver in their ability to provide top notch advice and direction. Digital HQ has single handedly helped grow our social presence effortlessly. Within a few days, I could see that things were heading to the new space we wanted to be.

Nathan Long,
Curation Foods

My experience working with Digital HQ has been exceptional!

Digital HQ provides structure, clarity, encouragement and expertise in creating content and managing social media. They've helped me go from feeling overwhelmed and scattered with my business to focus and direction.

Lauritz McCutcheon,
Dr. Ritz

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