A better digital solution for brands & agencies. A better life for creatives.

Our mission is to provide best-in-class flexible work solutions to brands and workers through digital solutions rooted in quality, creativity and efficiency.

At the core
of Digital HQ... 

We’re flexible.

We are adaptable and versatile in our approach, ready to conquer any challenge and find new solutions to every unique need.

We’re problem solvers.

We are fearless in the face of challenges and approach every obstacle as an opportunity to demonstrate our resourcefulness and creativity.

We take pride in our work.

We take ownership of our projects and deliver excellence in every aspect of our work, taking pride in our ability to exceed expectations.

We're passionate.

We are fueled by our unwavering dedication to the art and science of marketing, approaching each project with unbridled passion and a buzz of excitement.

We're partners.

We thrive on building strong and collaborative relationships with our clients, founded on trust, honesty, and respect, and committed to their success through our unwavering dedication and hard work.

We have a robust network of the best of the best independent contractors in the digital space. 

The world of work has transformed. Teams are remote, the need for flexible work is real, the pressure of working parents has never been higher, and the demand for companies to stay ahead of the competition is faster than ever. We believe in a better way to make magic online in a scalable model that’s better for everyone. 

Our database is filled with workers who are willing, able and ready to bring your brand to life online. 

We believe in flexible work. Here's why:

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It’s better for business.

By hiring flexible digital solutions, companies can stay cost-efficient by paying only for what they need. A budget for one full time employee annually can be used to fund a dynamic digital team, with reduced risk. 

It's better for workers.

95% of workers want flexible hours, and 71% of U.S. workers are planning to freelance in 2023. By enabling workers with ownership of the projects they take on, we empower them to own their work-life balance and ultimately produce the best work.

It's better for brands.

A single worker has a set amount of skills and experience. A network of workers has thousands. We can build your team customized to your unique industry and needs – and scale along the way as you grow.

Our workers have represented a wide range of brands, including:

With over 100 digital workers in our program, we have a diverse set of skills, industry experience, and solutions to match your needs

Ready to learn more?

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Hi, I’m Hillary Applegate.

I help brands connect with their consumers creatively online so they can accelerate sales and brand growth. 

After working for both brands and agencies, I noticed the universal frustration of brands: staying ahead of the rapid changes that social media drives. Companies are constantly evolving, but in order to stay relevant they need the agility and speed that digital media demands. They can't keep up without a team of experts who understand how it all works--from understanding trends on TikTok to knowing which technology will be useful for their business six months from now.

Launching Social HQ was my response to the declining interest in traditional advertising from consumers, and the evolution into Digital HQ stemmed from that root. Users expect human responses and humanized brands that understand their unique challenges. I wanted to offer a new way for brands and marketers alike to reach their customers through social media today, as well as get ahead of the curve with where they’ll be tomorrow. Our brand partners have gone from frustration with growth to a clear vision for their digital communities, and I can’t wait to help you achieve it, too. 

I live in Austin, TX

Here's a few things about me that you may not know:

with my wonderful husband, cat and dog. (And severely underestimated the exhaustion that is puppy raising !!!)

I’m an Airbnb co-host

of an adorable little home in the historic district of Phoenix and a beautiful cowboy-chic ranch home in Scottsdale (be sure to visit the Phoenix Bungalow and Polk Ranch!)

I’ve always been known as a “documenter”

and make a recap video each year to round up all the videos and moments with family and friends from that year since 2013. It’s my own way of capturing memories and feelings throughout the years, and is a creative outlet I look forward to each year. 

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