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Frequently Asked Questions

Select a question and view the answer below. Have a question not answered here? Check out the FAQ's on our services pages too! Otherwise, reach out and ask!


What is Digital HQ?

Digital HQ is a digital agency backed by a network of independent contractors. Our mission is to provide best-in-class flexible work solutions to brands and workers through digital solutions rooted in quality, creativity and efficiency. We have a robust network of the best of the best independent contractors in the digital space. Our database is filled with workers who are willing, able and ready to bring your brand to life online. 

Who are Digital HQ's clients?

We work with brands in the product and service industry, in both B2B and B2C categories. Our clients are traditionally attracting one or more audience segments in the 14 - 65 year old range in the United States, Canada and/or Mexico.

How quickly can we get started?

We’re looking forward to working with you! We will set up an onboarding call within one week of the date the contract is signed. 30 days after our onboarding call is traditionally when you will see your first piece of content go live, whether it is social media management or influencer marketing.

What are your rates?

Starting rates can be found on our services page. Since our clients range in size, budget and needs, we do not offer flat rate pricing. You can reach out for a complimentary consultation, which will result in a custom quote within 24 hours.

Are you an SEO agency?

While our writers are SEO practitioners and include keywords throughout content to drive searchability, we are not an SEO agency. For a list of our services, check out our services page.  

Do you manage influencers?

We have a proprietary list of influencers in major markets, and various databases that we have invested in to find quality influencers for a variety of industries and interests. We also will do manual searches through your existing pages to find influencers who may already be loyal to your brand for consideration.

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