In this episode, we discuss employee advocacy and its significance in social media marketing, an area that many companies overlook despite its potential to support growth. Employee networks are a valuable asset, acting as advocates and promoters who can enhance a brand's presence through their interactions and online networks. We're chatting with Brayden Cohen, who has extensive experience in developing social media, content, influencer, and employee advocacy programs. Brayden has worked with both startups and large companies, including 1Password, Hootsuite, TransLink, Doer, and Logel. His work involves managing stakeholders, teams, agencies, and projects to introduce and grow brands globally. Our conversation covers what employee advocacy is, why it matters in the digital age, and how companies can create a culture that supports it. Brayden shares insights on the involvement needed from leadership, the tools and platforms that can help, and the risks and challenges that companies need to consider. This episode offers practical advice for anyone looking to understand or implement an employee advocacy program. Learn more about Brayden here. To connect with Hillary, click here. Read more about Digital HQ here. For more episodes, go to SOCIALCOMPLEXPOD.COM Produced by You Lucky Dog Productions.

Ep 49: Tapping Into Employee Advocacy with Brayden Cohen

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